“Wilfred & team worked absolute magic to bring them [shoes] back to life!!” -Elizabeth

“Bottom line: bring your shoes here…the owner and staff will take time to address your concerns and help you get exactly want you want.” -Dave

“What I love most is the customer service here. The owner is absolutely in love with his profession. He altered my Fluevogs so that they could fit around my tiny ankles…and the workmanship was simply flawless.” -April

“This man is a true professional, with quaint old school shoe repair machines from the 1940s. It is a great atmosphere, and a good overall experience. I HIGHLY recommend this place whether you have new shoes or old. you will NOT be disappointed!” -Ray

“The owner is a very knowledgeable and courteous person. I take high end shoes there all the time and he does a great job with re-soling (offering a wide range of selections)” -Martin

“I’ve been to a lot of places to fix my shoes and this place is the best I’ve found! I take all my leather boots and heels to get polished and reheeled and the results are always the same… just high quality workmanship.” -Lytle

“The owner is a leather wizard.” – Kellan

“I will only be using Best Foot Forward from now on based on the high quality results. The customer service is impeccable” – Hannah

“Brought in a pair of boots that needed MAJOR help…They (now) look brand new, I’m so thrilled to be able to wear them again, rather than having to replace them and find another pair. Best Foot Forward is worth every penny.” – Elizabeth

“This guy is amazing…he uses the highest quality materials and is very meticulous and detailed with his work.” – Danarea

“They have been fixing my shoes for twelve years. Great service” -Lance


“The service was friendly and courteous. They went above and beyond…” – Jason

“The employees answered all of my questions and gave me recommendations, and the price was worth the quality of the result.” – Andrew

“I’m amazed what they can do with any leather products.” – Gena

“The owner is knowledgeable, extremely friendly and their work is phenomenal!” -Courtney

“They do absolutely amazing work!…I bring all of my Christian Louboutin shoes to get sole protected and they are implacable every time.” – Olga

“….But more than a business and service provider, the wonderful owners are craftsmen and educators.” -Perry

” They (and I mean the whole Lopez family!) keep all of my shoes in amazing shape, such that I’ve kept heavily worn boots and shoes for over 10 years as a result. They can work miracles in some cases –  they saved a pair of boots that had been left in the rain and run over by cars, leaving holes in the leather.The repair made them even more stylish.” – Lisa

“I am very impressed. My boots and dress shoes have better soles after the repair than they did when I bought them initially. You can go someplace else and maybe save a little cash but if you want it done right stop here.” – David

“Huge fan! Their services range from fixing shoes to fixing luggage/bags, preventative maintenance, etc…” – Brandi

“I’ve been using these folks for years to resole high-end men’s dress shoes.  The work has always been high quality.  Staff is friendly and professional.” – Clint