This protective coating is applied in a masterful manner in which bonding, esthetics, balance and slip resistance are enhanced thus insuring longevity of beauty and service because the original soles are now protected.

From world renowned sole-maker houses such as “Casali’ featuring the perfect RED SOLE match for Cristian Louboutin shoes, who’s beautiful collection of colors, durability and grip make it our best offering for Giuseppe Zanotti, Gucci, Prada and all your high-end shoes.

Sole Guards from Vibram are a high quality, task specific sole which can be used for most any shoe and application.


“Super Tap” is a thin dressy sole guard which is preferred by occasional dancers for its ability to protect your street shoes while still allowing you to show off your best moves, available in six different colors.

Chrome suede and vegetable tanned leather soles for professional and avid dancers… yeah! Got you covered!


Most pointed-toe shoes will wear out prematurely in the toe area, but that doesn’t mean you have to replace the soles, if you ever notice Stuart Weitzman pumps come with rubber toe tips,  because rubber tips will last longer than leather ones… That’s what we do, we use a high abrasion rubber material for extended wear and it’s available in black, brown and tan.


Because all shoes are not created equal, we adhere to the originally intended use and capability of the materials used when you first purchased the shoes.

With our National Award Winning Workmanship and the best material such as German made Jon Rendenbach leather soles, Italian Toscana leather, Vibram soles, GTO Italia among many others in our permanent stock you can be assured the quality of the replacement soles is going to be at least as good as the original.


In most cases we can get a shoe or boot to give enough room in the length, width, instep, heel counter (or calf in the case of boots) so that you are no longer dreading those shoes.

As a store policy at BFF we give you up to 3 different stretching opportunities so you can be sure that the upmost care was given, as in this process there is such a thing as stretching too much, in this way we also reduce the risk of leather splitting or seams tearing when you try doing too much all at once.

In some extreme cases alterations may be recommended.


“Brannock Foot Measuring device” most respectable shoe stores should have one of this. When was the last time you had your feet measured? With age the bone structure starts to collapse so feet will need more room than before, weight fluctuation also affects the way a shoe will fit.

If a Brannock device is not available then please pay attention and make sure “the widest part of the foot fits exactly in the widest part of the shoe”

it is a simple concept really; where your longest toe fits in the shoe has more to do with style of the shoe not the size; round toe, square toe pointed toe are styles and where the toe lands in relation to the front of the shoe will be different from style to style.

Following this simple rule will save you money and most importantly foot problems.



Be proactive, treat and protect, water-proof, regular upkeep of your shoes is always advised for your personal appearance and longevity of your shoes, when you bring your well loved to us we will examine to determine what is possible and what you would have us do… we can bring them back! No task is too hard.


The best long-lasting, hand buffed, military or uniform boot and shoe spit shines in town!

You might say we have done a few in our day.